PUBG - Getting back in to this now!

I've had a fair few months away from PUBG, I've let it have a few major patches, new features, weapons, vehicles etc...

So I thought I would come back to it, and man, am I glad to be back! me and my step son (Josh) had some fun on PUBG tonight, he has played the game to death in comparison to me, some 80 odd hours compared to my measly 22.... Yeah....

Anyway moving on... I managed to get this kill tonight, Josh couldn't even see the person as you can hear from his voice in the video, lol.

So yeah, there was that. We didn't last much after that though unfortunately, a guy managed to finish us off just over the brow of this hill.......... More to come from my time in the battlegrounds soon!

- Martin

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PUBG - Getting back in to this now!

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