So you want to contribute towards the content on VideoGamerzUK? Great, let's get onto the how you can do this and what we require from you before we can set you up an account.

We're looking for people who love gaming as much as we do (it's a lot, if you're wondering or hadn't noticed) and want to write about their experiences in the form of reviews or blog posts, or want to create top 10 (or top 5, top 7, etc) lists that are related to gaming - everyone loves a list and they can be quite controversial which is always fun.

What we don't want, is someone who will write one piece and then leave. We have commitment issues, we don't like being abandoned as it's just not nice. We're not that old PC or console that you just throw away... we have feelings. Not girly feelings, not that there's anything wrong with girly feelings... we just don't like being used and abandoned. You want to contribute to the site, then show us some love and write a few pieces at least.

The sad news... well, we're not in a position to pay anyone. So all work would be voluntary.

Now here's what we require from you to start things:

  • Let us know why you're interested in writing on VGUK.
  • Tell us you're favourite console and game - no particular reason to know this, we're just nosey and interested.
  • If you have an examples of previous work, give us the links or let us know that you can send examples when we reply to you.
  • Finally, send us all of this via the contacts page and we will then be in touch.